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This is always the most difficult part for me.  How do you write about yourself, how does your knowledge and personality shine on a piece of paper?

I am Keisha Watkins-Dukhie and I have provided emotional support for families for over twenty years.  Families have entrusted me at all phases of their journey from alternative birth options to postpartum care.  Although I am DONA International trained, I am a lifelong learner and continue to educate myself on best practices for my clients. Previously, I supported birth after birth doing what came natural to me and knowing that no one should birth alone. In the last five years with the urging of a friend and mentor who provides services as both a Midwife and Doula, I began to pursue the "professional" path. 

I believe pregnancy is the beginning of a journey like no other. It is my belief that every person embarking on this journey deserves individualized support tailored to the many phases of their experience.  Families are made of many different people yet  LOVE is what makes our families the same.

Although assisting all families regardless of religion, race, gender identity, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation, marital status, familial status are essential in my practice. I center black and lgbtq families because both are often underrepresented and faced with biases that are detrimental to their health during pregnancies. 

I have an amazing blended family that consists of FIVE sons. I birthed two and my wife birthed three of them. (I cannot take all the credit)  Many children have shaped my life and I hope I have shaped the lives of many children.  We also have four cats and one grand dog.

In my free time, you will find me playing in the snow, advocating for black women, education, mothers, youth, older adults, families and the lgbtq community, chasing butterflies, grounding myself anywhere in nature, reading, writing and enjoying life's ebbs & flos. 

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